I take offense to emissions.

What a great planet this is, isn’t it? Anyone who has been following my work for any length of time (thank you, mum!) knows that I am madly in love with this lightning-fast spinning rock. So I like to contribute through cartoons with a message and a webshop full of sustainable gadgets. And that is not a gratuitous sales pitch; I am sincerely trying to reduce my impact on our earth’s resources. With my sights firmly set on a cleaner future, I continue to search for ecological alternatives to continually improve my services and products, from “fabrication” to shipping.

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Sharing is one of my goals.

Dear Society, you can always count on me to discuss difficult topics. Through my cartoons, I open the debate that can actually set things in motion. I get the ball rolling as a true Red Flame, because in addition to hours of nature walks, I also love to “walk the talk.” Inclusiveness really is a thing, as far as I’m concerned, and you can see that in the web shop. Rounding up your overstuffed shopping cart to a higher amount? Then those extra euros will go to the Charity Of The Season. That way you don’t just treat yourself to something beautiful!

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