Arlo graphic novel – revised edition



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“Floor is in her last year of highschool and is always hopelessly late. She navigates her classes with her contrary friends Arlo and Sil. On a messy autumn morning, Floor’s world is completely turned upside down.

Arlo is a powerful graphic novel about loss. With her uncomplicated drawing style and language, Floor Denil creates an autobiographical debut that gets under your skin.

The third edition of Arlo is finally here! Around the end of August, this revised version has been printed and is available in the webshop and in the store. Order it here, secure your copy, and receive a signed version at your doorstep!
What you can expect from the revised version: a new cover (with gold foil!), a larger format (improved readability), and some additional images/illustrations for a smoother flow throughout the story. It looks really beautiful, although I might be a bit biased.